A short guide to choose the cheap china server company (part 2)

April 19, 2017

Do you run a growing online store or have a ton of videos on your website? Do you know how this affects your china server company needs?


Scalability: make room for growth

Shared hosting is good for text-based blogs, as these will not cause problems in terms of disk storage and bandwidth, even with high traffic. Yet, it is less appropriate for a small online shop, which may expand fast and need more resource.

VPS is helpful for expanding websites and can help you make sure that you will have enough storage when your business grows. However, remember that it can be wasteful to pay for all that space if you do not actually need it.

Cloud hosting is great plan for a gradually growing business. You can scale up bit by bit from time to time without paying for redundant storage.

Dedicated servers in China should be your go-to solution if you are working with multiple websites, lots of media and traffic, and you have the budget. You will never have to worry about disk storage again.


Tech support you can rely on

Many hosting provider offer you the 24/7 support service. Ticket systems sometimes exist to you from contacting them directly. Some people prefer this method because it prevents them from waiting in queue. Others prefer to wait but be certain they will talk to a person when they get through. The provider should give you the solution to email, live chat or phone call.

Do not confuse sales support with customer support – if you are choosing for VPS you will need particularly efficient support methods. There will rarely be any problem with a shared account, but VPS software configurations are entirely at your cognizance and therefore leave much room for technical problem.

Add-ons and apps

In most cases, the type of hosting you select does not affect the free applications provided with your hosting plan. These include CMS programs such as Joomla WordPress and Drupal. There are applications for blogs, forums, galleries and video streaming… You’ll also get an email box with antispam software and the right to create multiple email users on your domain.

Then you have the more technical applications like website analytics and error logs, to help improve your website’s performance. Some plans will include the shopping carts and SSL certificate, and if not they can always be purchased as an extra. These should not be a factor in choosing hosting type.



When in doubt while choosing a type of china server hosting, go smaller than you require – you can always upgrade! Providers will be willing to help you migrate over to a more pricey option because they are getting profit from it. Even if you have a large budget, dedicated hosting is only worth it if you need it. It needs a lot of maintenance and can provide you with more stress than relief.