A short guide to choose the cheap servers china (part 1)

February 9, 2017

If you are still shaking your head and asking “What type of cheap servers China do I need?” Our short guide is here to help you decide.

Some websites can get by on shared hosting, but as your website grows you will discover you may need a different hosting plan. But how do you know whether you need a dedicated server or a VPS? What about a shared hosting, cloud hosting or perhaps fully-managed option?


Consider your options

When choosing a hosting provider for your personal website or your business, you need to know what functions to look for and which types of servers are out there. Some of hosting companies provide you with great deals, including a wide variety of functions in your hosting package price. Others have a basic package with a pricing system for extra features. They may charge extra for features you would find included with other providers. Read on for guides on evaluating each type of servers China on the market and their associated costs.


Determine the purpose of your website

Knowing which functions you need is the most helpful way to pick your hosting plan. Researching types of Linux servers and other hosting options will be easier with a obvious vision of your website’s purpose. Answer the questions below to determine your demands:

  • What kind of website is it: a portfolio, a blog or maybe an online shop?
  • Why are you building a website: is it for fun or business?

For example, you may have an online shopping cart that needs a SSL certification and private IP address, or a user management system to keep track of users and leads. However, if your site is content based, your main priorities will include the website templates and builder.


The limit purpose of your website

With the unlimited storage space and bandwidth plan out there, you can think anyone who wants to upgrade from shared hosting is stupid. You have to know the fact that the hosting providers are using the word “unlimited” very vaguely.

It is assumed that 95% of domains on shared china server hosting have very low requirements, so it is not worth capping. In case you go over what they are reasonable usage, they will get in touch. Therefore, if you want more than one domain, high storage, video streaming, extra features and so on, then shared hosting is obviously bad fit.