Administration of Linux servers China

January 5, 2017

Linux is the most secured and most referred operating server for the servers China and in other network communication modes.

Linux OS (OS) provides the security among the communication medium for the transmission of data. It has fast and incredible encryption / decryption policies for the data packets that need to be transferred among equipment from one location to the other. The tasks are performed by the hardware supporting the Linux OS and we call this hardware support as server.

Actually, servers are the computers with the rights to guide the other devices in the Local or global networks. These servers facilitate the terminals by providing them security, direction, navigation, the servers can communicate with every machine in the network, and the Linux based servers offer the facility to organize the devices.


Quality of Linux server

Another advantage of using Linux server is the cheap cost. As we know that Linux is the free OS that is available on the internet and every new released version of Linux brings a change in its protection and navigation. There are few chances of viruses which protects the hardware components from damage. Therefore, Linux China server hosting provide a large extent to the focused communication between devices.

The SUN Server Enterprise is the most famous manufactures of the Linux servers. They make the dedicated server for the windows based OS and Linux based OSs. At enterprise and organizational level, Sun Servers have a good barnd and the servers they make may differ in prices but they all are the A grade servers. A Linux Server operation requires special technical people who have the knowledge to work with the Linux OS. However, only skillful persons can handle the Linux server administration unlike the Windows OS. This is because the Windows OSs is GUI supportive while the Linux OS is still command based. For long time, we have seen many versions of Linux but it doesn’t provide the GUI as much as the Windows OS can offer.


Linux server basic commands

Linux server administration skills can be learned now online. You can find out many webs easily which will guide you about using the server commands. Some of the beginner’s server commands for the Linux server are also mentioned in this article for creating a simple idea about using the Linux at server level for your easiness:

  • The first command is “arp”. It is used for checking the connectivity and existence of the Ethernet along with IP address.
  • The second command that has to be discussed to create idea about Linux Server and which is very supportive is “df” stands for display file system information. It tells much about the storage of the hard disk of the server. This command is so important because servers always have the high capacity hard disk and maximum memory. By using this command, you not only maintain the files in your hard disk but also see the contents of your main memory and disk.
  • Another important command that works like the “df” but it is actually quite different. The “find” command can help you to find the contents on the hard disk and computer files. Servers in china have to manage the record of files and memory locations where they have saved the information and Linux server machines perfectly play their role.


Therefore, with the help of Linux based servers the communication between other devices and networks is easy, learning and administrating the Linux server isn’t hard to do especially when a lot of information is always available on the internet.