Firewall configuration for dedicated servers China

December 16, 2016

The effectiveness of the security depends on the way you configure the firewall for dedicated servers China and how you set up filter rules.

  1. Firewall Configuration

Firewalls can be configured by adding one or more filters based on many conditions below:

  • Domain names: Because it’s difficult to remember the IP addresses, it’s an easy way to configure the firewalls by adding filters based on domain names. By installing a domain filter, an enterprise can decide to block all access to certain domain names, or can offer access only to a list of chosen domain names.
  • IP addresses: If an IP address outside the network is said to be unfavorable, it is possible to set filter to block all the traffic to and from that IP address. For example, if a certain IP address is found to be making many connections to a cheap servers China, the administrator should block traffic from this IP using the firewall.
  • Specific words or phrases: A firewall can be configured to filter one or more specific words or phrases, so that both the outgoing and incoming packets are scanned for the words in the filter.


For example, you can install a firewall rule to filter any packet which contains an offensive term that you can decide to block from leaving or entering your network.

  • Protocols/Ports: Each service operating on a server is made available to the Internet using numbered ports, one for each service. Ports can be compared to virtual doors of the server through that services are available.

For example, if a server is hosting a Web service, it’ll be available on port 80. So as to avail this service, the user has to connect to the server via port 80. Similarly, different services like FTP (port 21), Telnet (Port 23) and SMTP (port 25) services can be running on the server.


If services are intended for the public, they are often kept open. Otherwise they are blocked using the firewall in order to prevent the intruders from using open ports for making the unauthorized connections.

  1. Hardware vs. Software Firewall:

Hardware firewalls offer higher level of security and hence preferred for servers where security has the most priority. On the other hand, the firewalls are less expensive and preferred in home PC.

Hardware firewalls often come as an existing unit of a router and offer maximum security as it filters each packet in the hardware level itself even before it controls to enter your computer.

  1. Why you should use firewall?

Firewalls offer security over many online threats like Trojan backdoors, viruses, DOS & DDOS attacks, Remote login, Session hijacking and so on. However, main threats like DOS / DDOS attacks can also control to bypass the firewalls and cause the damage to the IBM servers China. Although firewall isn’t the best answer to online threats, it still can handle effectively the attacks and offer security to the computer up to the maximum possible extent.