What need to know about malware & servers China (part 1)

July 31, 2017

It’s always important to be running an antivirus program because it is a common threat that does attack to your servers China.

Malware attack your computer in a way that changes your DNS server settings, which is definitely something you do not want to happen.

Under the DNS servers, accessing your bank web with your bank’s URL would load the correct web and let you login to your account.

However, if the malware has changed your DNS server settings, entering the same URL might take you to a different site, or more seriously, to a site that looks like your bank site but of course it really is not. This fake bank website may look like your real one but instead of letting you login to your account, it may just save your username & password, giving the hackers all the data they need to access your bank account.

Servers China

However, malware that hijacks your DNS servers China usually just redirects popular webs to ones that are full of advertisements or fake sites which force you buy a program to clean an infected computer.

There’re 2 things you should do to avoid becoming a victim in this way. The 1st is to set up an antivirus program so malicious programs are caught before they can do any damage. The 2nd is to be aware of how a website looks. If it is slightly off of what it often looks like or you are getting an “invalid certificate” message in your browser, it may be a sign that you are on an imitation website.

In many cases, 2 DNS servers, a primary & a secondary server, are configured automatically on your router and computer when connecting to your ISP through DHCP. You can configure 2 DNS servers in case one of them fail, after which the device will resort to using the secondary server.

While many proxy servers China are run by ISPs and intended to be used only by their customers, some public-access ones are also available. Do not hesitate to leave your question under this post if you need help making the change.


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