What need to know about malware & servers China (part 2)

July 31, 2017

Some servers China may provide faster access times than others but it relies on how long it takes your device to reach the DNS server.

If your ISP’s DNS servers are closer than Google’s, for instance, you may find that addresses are resolved faster using the default servers from your ISP than with a 3rd party server.

If you are experiencing network issues where it seems as if no site will load, it is possible that there is a problem with the DNS server. If the DNS servers China is not able to find the correct IP address that is associated with the hostname you enter, the web will not load. Again, this is since the computers communicate through IP addresses and not hostnames – the computer does not know what you are trying to reach unless it can use an IP address.

Server China

The DNS server settings “closest” to the device are the ones applied to it. For instance, while your ISP may use one set of DNS servers which apply to all the routers connected to it, your router could use a different set which would apply the DNS server settings to all the devices connected to the router. However, a computer connected to the router can use its own DNS server settings to override the ones set by both the router and the ISP.

We explained above about how malware programs can take control of your DNS server settings and override them with China server DNS that redirect your site requests elsewhere. While this is definitely something that scammers can do, it is also a feature found in some DNS services like Open DNS, but it’s used in a good way. For instance, Open DNS can redirect adult sites, gambling sites, social media sites and so on, to a “Blocked” page, but you have complete control over the redirects.
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